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Operating System: Vista Business
Skin of choice: I want spines like Sonic!!
Favourite cartoon character: No specific Sonic alignment
Personal Quote: I am the Ultimate Life form


Go-to Guys

Sage-By-Day's Space
How is everyone today?
That's great!

you all thought the club was DEAD didn't you?
sorry about my "death" school comes first... blah blah blah.
anyways, to out new members, welcome.
to our old ones, welcome back
to the moderators, send me, Sage, a note, directly to me. I need to know where you are, and where your loyalties lie XD

To start a discussion, has anyone heard of a new sonic game?
i heard stuff about one game where he turns into some werewolf-ish thing.

I like sonic and I love werewolves, but both together?

Hey! this gives me an idea!
why don't I re-explain the flash project for you guys? and i'll make it really clear.

Sage's Project
:star: An Image of your character created here Female Male
A complete (not one or two lines) biography of your characters, containing there history, place of origin, detailed description of there powers age, their favorite color, logo (optional) and all that(any other information you want to add). I'll make a demonstration page for you all. Well, I should, let you know what it is. It's a flash book. Think of it like an encyclopedia of our Original Characters!

This will be the point of reference we shall use if we ever start a battle tournament.
make all your description as clear as possible.

How do you send the information to me?
even easier then last time!
Make it a scrap on your account, and send the club the link via note.

You want to include a voice clip? No prob! note me personally, and I'll give you an email address you can email to!

you want a movie? same as the voice clip!

you want a cake? your local grocery store should have them, go buy one.

if you have ANY questions, please ask it using NOTES. the journal comments confuse me, they are so long.....

MoD1982's Space</u>
bocker22's Space</u>

Please send all the information and links in a note to Sage-By-Day. Thank you, and I hope to be receiving your entries soon.

Thanks in advance!

Also, feel free to leave suggestions. Your input will is highly appreciated

Good Luck and Good Bye!</b>

:star:Running Competitions:star:

ManicMadMan's Competition - Finished

Prizes if any : 1st place gets an animated version of their entry done by MoD1982, 2nd and 3rd receive their character redrawn by MoD1982

:bulletblue: Oninekko -…
:bulletblue: thundera584 -…
:bulletblue: Achird -… - WINNER!!!

:star:Welcome our new Members!:star:
:iconfantazy-club: :iconflashmastershadic70:


:star:Club Information:star:

In order to join you must:
:bulletgreen: Send the Club a note with the subject "I want to Join the club" and we will get back to you ASAP.

Please note that it is mandatory (compulsory) to watch the club in order to be accepted as a new member.</i>

To submit a piece of artwork:
:bulletblue: You must note the Club giving a link to it.

:bulletblue: If your art is not up within 2 weeks, please note the club again.

:bulletblue: When submitting artwork of a computer-based format, please include a link to the original render (image) with it for security reasons.

:bulletblue: Any art regarding the Sonic Universe is acceptable. OC's are fine to submit, as long as they fit into the Sonic Universe.



:bulletred: No abusive/explicit language allowed.

:bulletred: No art theft. This is not tolerated and will result in being banned from the club and being reported for art theft.

:bulletred: If you wish to :+fav: a piece of art, please favorite the original. The link to the original will be provided in the artist's comments.

:bulletred: As a member, you are required to advertise that you are in the club in some way shape or form. This is to increase the amount of members we have.

:bulletred: All comments on the club will be hidden after a week, unless they are joining comments.

Please obey these rules and have a great time. Failure to comply with the rules will result in a penalty.



:iconsonic-rush-adv-club::iconmiles-club-dx::iconelise-haters-club::iconsegasonicgirlsclub::icondragon-drive-club: :iconprophecy-god::iconknuckles-x-silver::iconshadowth-fans:
:iconshadowxamy-love::iconknucklesxrougeclub: :iconsonic-naruto-fans: :iconteam-brightlight: :iconsxa-kxr-txc-sxbclub:


:star:Rank System:star:

In order to rise through the ranks, there are various things you must do. Listed below are the requirements to reach a rank and the members falling under each category.

Cream Rank
Join the club.

:iconkatara204: :iconaguzzla22: :iconshadowxrougerules: :iconinuyashacrazy1: :icondukalink: :iconfantazy-club: :iconnega-lynx: :iconflashmastershadic70:

Amy Rank
You must be a member for at least 1 week.

:iconcynderlightlife: :iconhere-to-stay: :iconsandra-sonamy-knouge:

Jet Rank
You must be an active member for 1 month.

:iconoef: :iconshobonimaster: :iconabon024: :iconmiley-the-hedgehog: :iconxox-monkey-xox: :iconsonicfan578909: :iconkennywolf360: :iconfancy-mustache: :icononinekko: :iconxxblackpantherxx: :iconsonicandtailsrox: :iconmatimoo: :icontorkmaster: :iconjp802: :icongarm-r: :icondeniisee:

Knuckles Rank
You must have submitted at least 1 piece to our gallery.

:icongraphitefalcon: :iconsonic-for-ever: :iconteathetiger: :iconthundera584:

Shadow Rank
You must invite at least 1 member to the club.


Emerl Rank
Participate in at least 1 challenge.

Currently no members fall under this category

Sonic Rank
You must be an active member for 2 months.

:iconsparkyard::iconthunderbirdlightning::iconloulouangel::iconkiro-kina::iconsplatkiriki::iconsgeia::iconakaa-anasti::iconjoellinathedog::iconpetitmoon5::iconshadow-enza::iconfmadragonboy::iconcinos-the-ferret::iconmiri-the-hedgehog::iconsnowwhiteshadow::iconjess-hedgehog::iconxlilxangelx::iconashleyfluttershy::iconduckyworth::icontails3609: :iconmanya-the-hedgehog::iconsprm-gnrl::iconthemewsex::iconmsshadowette::iconcrystalthef0x::iconbritney-yasha::iconvictoriathehedgehog::icontjtum17::iconrubyhunter::iconmaverickly::iconbartez13: :iconaurora050: :iconsonics1fan: :iconmanuel-julian-dj: :iconjessicashadow: :iconspoiler-ticket: :iconaxels-grrl: :iconkawaiisteffu: :iconnovataikutsu: :icondm47: :iconelanthefox:  :iconjalessiaj: :iconallana-the-hedgehog: :iconnuma-numa-silver: :icongkeeper1993: :iconfirewithinmidnight: :iconpanictopaz: :iconshadowrox:

Metal Sonic Rank
You must invite at least 5 people to the club.

Currently no members fall under this category

Dark Oak Rank
You must submit at least 10 pieces to the gallery.


Dark Super Sonic Rank
You must be an active member for 5 months.


E-123 Omega Rank
You must submit at least 25 pieces to the club.

Currently no members fall under this category

Chaos Rank
You must be an active member for 1 year.

Currently no members fall under this category

Super Sonic Rank
You must remain at Chaos Rank for 3 months.

Currently no members fall under this category

Super Shadow Rank
To reach this rank, you must:
:bulletred: have submitted at least 50 pieces to the
:bulletred: be an active member for 1.5 years.
:bulletred: participate in at least 10 challenges/events.

Currently no members fall under this category

:star:Please check this often to see if you have risen.:star:

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  • Listening to: Clocks (violin quartet version)
  • Watching: Chowder (soon)
  • Playing: Trauma Center UTK2
  • Drinking: Water

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